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....Advice for all you aspiring beauty Queens

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Advice For All You Aspiring Beauty Queens
Please note: You must be from the UK and be female to join!
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~ We're a pretty well established community for females of the UK to come and ask or give advice on hair, beauty, body mods and all those topics important to the female of the species, its not just about beauty, it doesn't even have to be beauty related, just tell us your troubles and we'll lend a ear or two and see if we can help you out and find that important solution

Sister Community: needlesandinkuk

Mod/Creator: secretagentboo * My Space

Co Mod: exploitedfairy * My Space


This is a Closed Community once you have been accepted you may post as long as you follow the
  • You Must have your sex and location listed on your User info page to be accepted to this community, as it is a U.K. based community for Females please do not request to join if you are not female or from the U.K.
  • No elitism, racisim, sexism, religionism... what so ever, you're aloud your opinions but please dun't force them on other people
  • Personal opinions are allowed but bitchyness, slagging off, hurtful or offence comments towards another memeber are not
  • Do Not make any posts asking where to find anything illegally on the net or elsewhere ie. illegal software, movies etc. Keep it ligit girls!
  • If you have any problems concerning the community, anyone in the community or quiries you may have please contact a Mod
  • I dun't mind cursing within posts or comments, but not when its to someone in an offensive/angry way
  • Remember, the community name is just a turn of phrase! [and if ANYBODY asks 'how do you turn a phrase' I will end them lol]
  • No advertising items, plz leave all selling posts to thriftstoreuk unless its to get an opinion on something you've hand made, or you've had prior permission from a Mod to go ahead.
  • Please post all wants posts in thriftstoreuk [But please read their rules also]unless you're asking for 'where to get/buy' an item on the internet or in a shop
  • No advertsing other communities unless you've asked personal permission from me or Kim [exploitedfairy] and we've agreed for you to go ahead
  • As Mod and Owner of this community I reserve the right to change/add/delete this rules in future as I choose
  • Please make all posts 'Friends Only' posts, if you're unsure of how to do this, please reffer to this post
  • Pictures are allowed on the community front but no larger than 350 at most. Please remember some members have the community on their friends list, possible offensive or nude photos must go behind the cut, if you are unsure on how to do an Lj cut please reffer to here
  • We [me and Kim] have full right to ask you to delete or edit any posts you as a memeber make in the community if we feel it is innappropriate, offensive or breaking any of the stated rules. We may give you a warning depending on the offence
  • Any rule breaking and you will be given a warning, anymore rule breaking after one warning and you will be asked to leave the community
  • Most of all have fun, be friendly and feel free to ask anything!

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Join our newly opened Sister Community catxfight_shop for Buying, Selling & Trading Hair, Beauty, Cosmetics & Clothing open to UK LJ users only. Please read the rules on the Info page before applying, thx!

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