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23 January 2007 @ 10:20 pm
Question for people who live in rented (or owned accomodation if you are the house holder):
How much do you pay a month on bills on average?
This excludes rent and council tax. I'm not really interested in a phone line for quite sometime as well.

Thanks for any input, x
07 May 2006 @ 01:11 pm
I'm looking for thin (1cm) ribbon in many colours with have sayings on them in french or english?
I only need bout 30cm of each...
I picked up some in france saying things like "La vie en rose" (life is pink), "100% pur moi" (100% pure me), "rire- sourire- fou rire" (laugh - smile - giggle". And I'm looking for simular ones...

They must be some more some where..

I'm making a keyring with them and its looking really funky...

Looks like this (but with words not dots)

So any crafty gal know where to find some?

30 March 2006 @ 05:10 pm
What can you do in Cardiff?

Decided on a weekend/few days in Cardiff...

So... whats there to do?

26 March 2006 @ 08:49 pm

Rosie, steelmagnolias made a comment on the original update post today from her boyfriends account. Basically, hotmail are yet to contact her back regarding her hacked hotmail account, and until that's done thriftstoreuk will still be on hiatus.

Sorry guys! please sell stuff over at 2ndhandland instead!
If there's a TSUK mod about, could you please comment here so I can update this post about the status. Thanks!!

Last night tsuk was being deleted and reopened, all surrounding communities were also deleted. It has become evident that accounts may have been hacked, tsuk_feedback is back but the other comms are still gone! Please read on:

update from TSUK mod pachuca_ from last night


eek :s
no idea. but definately not me thats done anything, and rosie isnt online and as far as i know, she would have no idea whats happened otherwise she would have text & the only other person who has access is harri.
maybe lj is just playing up?!?

UPDATE (taken from comments of previous update post) Rosies account could have been hacked (and with that, all other mod status taken away from the other mods); unfortunately because rosie has been ill over the past week or more she hasn't been online regularly to see this. pachuca_ has contacted her by text to let her know. Luckily, like journals, communities can be reopened within 30 days and still have all the information. If anyone wants to add anymore info here please let me know :)

Oh, tsuk_feedback is reopened as that was in claires name, so please carry on looking after your transactions there. I would hold off selling/buying until this thing is sorted out just to give the mods a break! 2ndhandland is still open if you have something you desperate need to sell/buy :)

This is Rosie here ([info]steelmagnolias). I'm commenting with my boyfriend's LiveJournal account because anonymous posting isn't allowed and my own journal has been hacked so I am unable to comment any other way. I e-mailed Claire earlier today to update her with what I've done, I'll just post a brief summary of what's going on here, feel free to copy and paste this anywhere :)

Basically what's happened is that someone has gained access to my Hotmail account (the account originally used to register my LiveJournal) and thus has managed to reset/change the password on my journal, as well as the password for the Hotmail account. I think they have also changed the "secret question" thing. This person has also attempted to gain access to my Gmail account (both my own, and the tsukmods account) and has failed. As you know, as well as gaining access to my LiveJournal, they have also deleted it, as well as the accounts that I have maintainer access for.

This has happened to me before, last time it happened, LiveJournal told me that I had to first get access to my Hotmail address back before being able to reset my password. I did have other e-mail accounts linked to my LJ, but unfortunately it would seem whoever has tampered with my account has removed these and I am unable to reset the password through any of those e-mails.

Just to let you know what I've done already: I've e-maied Hotmail technical support to verify my identify as the owner of my account. Last time this happened they reset my password, no problems. I e-mailed this morning but haven't heard anything yet, I shall let you know as soon as I do. As to where to go from there, I should then be able to reset the password for my LJ, undelete my account and undelete the communities that I maintain. I'm hoping it'll be that simple, fingers crossed.

I have no idea who has done this utterly malcious, pathetic thing, but I'm confident that we will be able to resolve these issues so hopefully if people could just be patient and sit tight, we'll have the community back soon. :) Just though I'd pop on to tell you all this, like Claire said unfortunately this couldn't really have happened at a more inconvenient time (I've been pretty ill with shingles - adult chicken pox) and so I haven't been online that much.

Best wishes,


I've update this post, and deleted the other, mainly just to keep catxfight tidy and to allow more people who wake up this morning to the lack of TSUK to see this. Feel free to comment here though!!! I'm not stopping your comments or anything :)
30 October 2005 @ 01:23 pm

Am I the only person who does not like the Topshop stripey black and white jumpers?
...Collapse )
24 August 2005 @ 02:57 pm
ok, have looked everywhere and asked lots of people but drawing a blank

we're going to Egypt pretty soon and whilst we're there we want to go on an excursion to the valley of the kings, does anyone know how much this is likely to be?
i've heard £150-£500 but this is from people who have never been and just 2heard off someone else"

even the travel agents don't know (wtf?!)

looked on internet but the prices are if i travel from the UK to Egypt and include the excursion in it.

has anyone actually been and done it?

hope this makes sense!

x-posted as i'm getting rather stressed!

23 August 2005 @ 02:42 pm
So I've got my hair to the length where I can actually tie it back now .. so does anyone have an wicked-cool ways in which to tie up my hair? It's roughly just past shoulder length, with lots of layers etc and it's wavy but I can straighten it =D
23 August 2005 @ 11:48 am
does anyone here know if the Barratts near them has the red polka dot pumps in the sale? if so can someone pleeeease get me some? I'll paypal you + some for your trouble xxx
23 August 2005 @ 10:29 am
Can any of you recommend a really good lengthening/volumising mascara which is also waterproof?

Nothing too expensive, and nothing with a comb. I hate those!